Friday, April 10, 2009

Negative Calories: Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Negative Calories Vegetarian Friendly

One of the reasons that negative calorie foods work so well in a diet plan is that they are all foods that could be eaten by both vegetarians or vegans. Because of this, you could accurately refer to the negative calorie diet as a vegetarian diet or even as a vegan diet. This can help explain why the negative caloric effect works: these are all going to be healthy foods that are high in water, high in fiber, low in calories, and almost none of them have any fat. Having a diet filled with these types of foods is a slam dunk way to drop extra weight. Have you ever seen someone get 100 lbs overweight by eating carrots, celery, apples, or other fruits and veggies? Me neither.

The negative calorie food diet is often called a fad diet, and in some ways that might be true, but if a diet is designed to lose weight and it works, wasn't that the point? Negative calorie foods diets were not meant to be a full time weight loss eating plan, but as a crash diet. Negative calorie crash diets are short, usually 10 day, diet plans where all the food you can eat (and it's usually in large or virtually unlimited amounts) is from the list of negative calorie foods, but then after ten days you take at least a week off, eating reasonably to help keep the weight off.

There are many people who slam negative calorie foods, but a lot of this is because of common mis-perceptions, or because of technical arguments over what "negative calorie" actually means and how the negative caloric effect works as opposed to whether or not this diet actually works or not, which should be the only thing that is really heavily important when discussing weight loss plans. And for all the arguments back and forth, there's no argument that if you want to lose weight, that negative calorie diets work. One way to even prove this is that there are tons of knock off diets that are in some way based off the idea of negative calorie foods, or are based around a certain negative calorie fruit or negative calorie vegetable. The pineapple diet and cabbage soup diet are both great examples of this.

Negative calorie foods help dieters lose weight, so if you're looking to drop some weight, then this is the way to go. Besides, just think of all that tasty negative calorie fruit available!