Friday, November 7, 2008

Negative Calorie Food: The Key to the Diet is the Negative Calorie Foods List

Negative Calorie Foods Calories Negative Negative Calorie Foods List Negative Calorie

Well if you're looking for the truth about negative calorie foods then searching for negative calorie foods and zero calorie diet information online can be really overwhelming. There is so much information online about negative calorie diets, but it can be hard to tell if the negative calorie is a myth, fact, or somewhere in the gray area in between. I'm not a doctor or personal trainer or weight loss expert or anything like that, but I have studied negative calories, and even if I can't give you a full negative calorie foods list I can still probably offer some new information about fiber in negative calories, and about some of the more common questions that many web surfers have about this controversial diet.

Many people want to know about individual vegetables and fruits. I'm not completely sure why someone would want to know about negative calorie celery, since I just can't see how someone could eat lots and lots of negative calorie celery, because there's just not a lot of taste there. Apples with negative calories makes more sense, since at least apples taste good and give you some filling for the stomach. All foods that you're going to find on a negative calorie foods list are going to be either fruits are vegetables. These great diet foods all have high water content, high fiber content, and belong to the fruit/veggie part of the food pyramid. Many of these veggies are loaded up in a vegetable broth for any negative calorie diet soup. This soup is most often found in the cabbage soup diet, or can also be used in a person's independent eating plan based on the negative calorie foods concept.

Finding a full negative calorie foods list isn't easy, often because there are many variations over the list and there are arguments over some of the fruits and vegetables and whether they belong or not. Kiwi and pineapple are examples of fruit found on a negative calorie list, but other sites might choose to leave them off because somehow they just "seem" like they should have actual calories, especially compared to cucumbers, carrots, and celery...all foods that are commonly found on a negative calorie list. Yet if you look at the original lists that come from the original negative calorie diet theory, pineapple and kiwi will be on virtually all of them. That's why I'm not going to have a definitive negative calorie foods list here because it's hard if not impossible to get a complete definitive list.

This diet has taken on an online life of its own, and there are many different points of view on it, but the cabbage soup diet is a version of the negative calorie diet, as are many other types of popular trendy diets. Is there a such thing as a "negative calorie?" Well that's hard to figure out, but there are plenty of people who believe this diet works, and it's hard to argue with that many people swearing by it.

Still, it can be hard outside of this blog to find a good review on the negative calorie foods diet, and any time you hear something like top secret fat loss secret diet review, make sure you can find a review to really tell you a non-marketing opinion on that diet plan. When you can find a review (like the one highlighted two lines up) then you're probably in good shape, but always do your homework with any diet, whether it's that one or negative calorie foods, or any other type.