Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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Celery Negative Calorie

Celery is one of many foods that is on the "Negative Calorie Foods List," and this vegetable is known for its quality dietary qualities, which made it popular even before the celery negative calorie connection was made. Celery is popular because it's easy to add to soup or salad for a little bit of extra flavor while filling up some of the empty space in your stomach that lettuce and spinach just won't fill.

Celery as a negative calorie food makes sense since this is a vegetable with an extremely high water content and very few calories. Celery alone is virtually impossible to gain weight from, and the sheer amount you would need to eat to even break even on weight is unrealistic for anyone to eat. The one big caveat to watch out for is the addings.

Carrots and celery with ranch dip is a popular snack, but that ranch dip is absolutely loaded with calories and fat and more than cancels out any negative caloric effect you would get from the celery to begin with.

While there are many negative calorie foods that can help supplement a diet, but they have to be implemented the right way. Adding a snack of negative calorie foods after a huge meal of fatty high calorie foods is like ordering a diet coke after eating two supersized value meals at McDonald's: at that point the damage is done and you're not doing well diet wise.

This is why there are many diets designed to use negative calorie foods to your advantage while maintaining a balanced diet. Negative calorie foods such as celery are great, but only if they are utilized properly. To maximize the effect of celery's negative calorie effect, look for more information like designed negative calorie diets and negative calorie cookbooks.

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