Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Negative Calories Diet: Can You Really Lose Weight By Eating?

The negative calories diet is not only one of the most popular diet plans of the last couple years, but it's also one of the most controversial diet plans out there. There have been huge arguments over if there is a such thing as a "negative calorie," or if it's all hocus pocus. Adding fuel to the fire are the high and mighty attitudes of some of the people strongly swearing that this diet is a fraud.

The technicalities of what a diet is named or how it scientifically does or doesn't work does not interest me nearly as much as the bottom line of any weight loss plan: does it work? The negative calories diet does work, in part because it calls for the majority of your food to be either fruits or vegetables. This is usually a big improvement on most people's diets, but in addition to that you are kept away from foods like coconuts and potatoes, which are not good for weight loss at all.

A negative calories diet above all else, however, is a supplemental diet. This means you can't only eat the foods on the list and nothing else. If you do this, you will eventually starve to death. This can make the diet tricky. A lot of people will argue that this diet isn't effective: but they'll eat three cheeseburgers loaded with negative calorie foods like green peppers, carrot slices, or other foods. That's like ordering water with a 1,000 calorie fast food burrito: at that point the H2O doesn't really matter.

That does relate to one valid criticism of the negative calories diet is that it is hard to implement into a normal day. Eating apples as a snack or adding green beans to a meal is easy, but that's not enough, so how can you use this diet in your weight loss plans?

There are good books and e-books out there about negative calorie foods and how to use them, and some other diets, like the cabbage soup diet, are designed around negative calorie food principles. Many of the ads you see online for negative calorie foods lead directly to a negative calorie foods cookbook.

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