Friday, December 26, 2008

Pineapple Diet | Negative Calorie | Pineapple Detox Diet

The Pineapple Diet: A Negative Calorie Fad Diet

The pineapple diet (also known as the pineapple weight diet, pineapple detox diet, or the pineapple juice diet) is a popular fad diet based on the negative calorie diets that are increasingly popular, just like the pineapple diet, which I just mentioned. Now I'm not a doctor, trainer, or anything, but I've heard a lot of good things about the pineapple diet and since I like pineapple I thought I'd write about the pineapple diet and what other people have to say about whether or not the pineapple diet works or if the pineapple diet actually doesn't work.

The pineapple diet is considered a fad diet, and it is true to some respect. One thing about this type of diet and eating plan that that throws a lot of people off is that there isn't a simple laid out eating plan for the pineapple diet the way there is for say, the cabbage soup diet, which is another diet based off of the idea of negative calories. So one person's version of a pineapple diet will be a lot different than a different person's version of this negative calorie diet. This is often true with fad diets, and the pineapple diet is a fad diet, but one that could work really well for some people.

Some people have referred to the pineapple diet as a three day fad diet, while others have said that they've done a eating plan similar to the cabbage soup diet, only with pineapple, and that it worked well. There is also argument over whether you have to have fresh pineapple or if canned pineapple works, and want the actual eating plans are. So I guess in a way there really isn't one pineapple diet, but actually a lot of pineapple diets, plural.

In the three day version, or at least in one three day version of the pineapple diet, you eat nothing but one entire fresh pineapple the first day (and drink a lot of water), on day two you do the same thing but also eat two cans of tuna for protein, and on day three you do the same as day one: just pineapple and lots of water (ice water is said to be better, I guess.)

In addition to a lot of arguments that detractors of this diet have, they point out that a great supplement like an herbal colon cleanse does the same thing as this diet, but is much safer.

This is a fad version of the Metzger pineapple diet, although when Joann Metzger created the pineapple diet, she also used a lot of tablets that contain a special amount of pineapple, and she claimed to lose over 40 pounds of fat in just 6 weeks and kept it off. I don't know if this is true or made up, but I love pineapple so this is great news if it is true!

Another version of the pineapple diet is a three week version where you eat three small sensible meals a day that are low calorie, low fat, and have pineapple as a side, and you have 2-3 snacks a day of pineapple. Pineapple is a negative calorie food, at least it's one of the fruits listed on the negative calorie diet, so that would make sense that this fruit would make a good diet food.

There are many claims about pineapple and pineapple diets that haven't been figured out yet, and there is a lot of criticism that the pineapple diet has no scientific basis and is just a poorly disguised starvation fad diet that will lose weight, but not necessarily fat, and thus might not be very healthy for you at all. But others say they've lost weight, gone to a healthy eating plan after, and kept it off, so in the end who really knows about the pineapple diet or negative calorie foods in general?


Anonymous said...

I think thats some sensible and really helpful info that you put out there... thanks

mmmm... said...

"starvation fad diet that will lose weight, but not necessarily fat, and thus might not be very healthy..."
Truer words were never spoken. As a fat loss enthusiast, I can fully vouch for it. I find your blog very informative and very interesting, please keep writing!