Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pineapple - A Great Negative Calorie Food

Negative Calorie Foods: Pineapple

One of the most interesting foods that often appears on the negative calorie food list is pineapple. Among negative calorie foods, pineapple is probably the highest in calories, so how can a fruit with a solid amount of calories be a negative calorie food?

Well in the negative calorie foods diet, there are many different factors in determining the amount of energy it takes to burn various types of negative calorie fruits and vegetables, and total calories is only part of that equation. While pineapple has a lot of calories for a negative calorie food, pineapple is still a fruit, meaning it has far fewer calories than grain, meat, or most other foods of the same size.

Another huge benefit to pineapple, and part of the reason that pineapple remains a negative calorie food, is that it contains an enormous amount of vitamins and dietary fiber (think cleanse the system good). Add low calories with heavy vitamins and high fiber, and the digestive enzymes go wild over this fruit, causing some who believe in the negative foods diet to strongly approve of pineapple as a great negative calorie food. In fact, there's even a pineapple diet that keeps increasing in popularity.

I'm personally a huge fan of pineapple, since it is one of the more filling of the negative calorie foods, and gives a lot of energy, vitamins, and fiber that you need to get through a day. Whether or not pineapple actually has a true negative calorie effect is hard to say, and pineapple seems one of the least likely fruits or veggies on the negative calorie foods list to actually have a negative calorie effect, but even if it doesn't, pineapple is an extremely healthy fruit that has everything you need to get your digestive and metabolic systems working at full throttle.

Pineapple has the expected large amount of vitamin C, and nominal amounts of Vitamin A, calcium, and even some iron. The biggest positive of pineapple is the huge amount of dietary fiber, as well as the good types of carbs that give you energy and keep your system balanced. If you love the flavor of pineapple and are like me, you can woof down this negative calorie treat by the can.

A very important point when looking for negative calorie fruits such as pineapple: pay attention to the ingredients. Many companies that produce pineapple add extras like sugar or high fructose corn syrup - avoid these cans of pineapple at all cost. Look for the pineapple whose ingredients read simply: "Pineapple, Pineapple Juice." That should be all you see in there. If not, look for another can of rings or slices...or even better, buy it fresh if your local supermarket has it available.

Kiwi is another excellent negative calorie food that is popular and has some guts to it, though in my personal opinion pineapple is still king. It's interesting how when looking for information on the negative calorie foods diet, there are definitely some foods on there that get more attention than others. Two common search terms that appear from individuals looking for more information on negative calorie foods are:

  1. negative calorie foods pineapple
  2. negative calorie foods kiwi
  3. are pineapple, kiwi negative calorie foods?

This definitely shows a great interest in these popular and filling fruits as part of a negative calorie foods diet, and are probably two of the most filling negative calorie foods available out there.

So the answer is that basically, whether or not pineapple is a true negative calorie food, pineapple is a major part of the negative calorie foods diet, just like kiwi is. The dietary fiber in both revs up your digestive system, which is probably the biggest reason why two fruits like this can make it so high up the list.

As a side note: I'm hoping most of you know this already, but in case you don't, a negative calorie foods diet is not meant to be a conventional restrictive diet where these are the only foods you eat. You need a diet with some calories, some fat, and some protein. A negative calorie foods diet is meant as a way to supplement your eating habits. If you ate only negative calorie foods, you would slowly starve to death, so occasionally have some white meat, or beans, or something with protein, fat, and calories to keep your body running smoothly. A negative calorie diet is a supplemental diet - not a complete list.

That's another reason I'm so big on the kiwi and the pineapple, because these fruit give some vitamins, fiber, and energy to keep your body running. If your looking for great negative calorie foods, pineapple is a great first stop!

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