Friday, June 20, 2008

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Zero Calorie Diet: Another Name for the Negative Calorie Foods Diet

It's funny to me how there is still a giant controversy over negative calorie foods. The negative calorie foods diet does not make the claim that a food has "negative calories." There's no physical way that a food could contain less than zero since the number definition of nothing is zero. The idea behind the zero calorie diet, a name that is gaining popularity just to ignore the stupid fights that keep coming up from people who take the term "negative calorie foods" literally instead of studying the diet more to see what it actually says, is that you eat low calorie foods that because of their high fiber, digestive enzymes, and low calories result in a deficit.

This deficit is what makes negative calorie foods work. The idea in producing a caloric deficit is that say a piece of celery only has 5 calories, but your body has to burn 25 calories worth of energy to digest it. That results in a loss of -20 calories. That caloric deficit is what makes the zero calorie diet work. This diet isn't based on a large list of food with 0 calories, but on foods that created this deficit to help you lose total calories even as you continue to eat.

All the foods in this diet are either fruits or vegetables, as these are only types of foods that can create a negative caloric effect. Rabbit is close to having this type of an effect if that's all you eat, but it isn't actual starvation that takes back, but a protein imbalance that is unhealthy (but only if rabbit is ALL you eat day after day after day).

There are a lot of searches for recipes for negative calorie foods, and while partial lists of negative calorie foods are pretty easy to search for and find online, figuring out how to work them into a diet with recipes and meals as opposed to just an occasional snack is much more difficult, and that's where the e-book comes in. Not only does the negative calorie foods e-book have recipes for negative calorie foods, but it also explains the negative calorie foods diet, how it works, and how to properly implement it. There are free negative calorie food e-books out there, but the free ones are mostly fluff and teaser.

If you're serious about losing weight with the negative foods diet, then you'll want the e-book that has it all. Negative calorie foods can be easy to add to a regular diet when you know how to actually apply it. Negative calorie foods are meant as a supplemental diet, not a end all be all description of how to eat.

The zero calorie diet uses negative calorie foods to their maximum potential to help you hit your dream weight loss goals.

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